New Social Ads

We do techie Web stuff for you - so you can concentrate on Selling Real Estate

  • I Need Help NOW!

    "You Do It For Me? You Had Me At Hello!" Most of the Agents we talk to don't have the TIME to figure the Internet out! (and they don't want to learn a whole new language either!) New Social Ads has a turnkey solution. (read more...)
  • I Hate Facebook

    All of the Animals, the updates about dinner, how is that professional? There are plenty of other places that give you access to more people than most small countries… for free, right?(read mores...)
  • New Website?

    There are really only a couple of reasons to have a website. Either you believe that a website will provide Credibility and Identity, or you see the Internet as a giant ATM ready to print out money,if you can just figure out the code! (read more...)
  • boot

    What We Can Do

    On the Internet – you must be “re-latable, unique, relevant and interesting.” We do this for you using content marketing, social media platforms, video and image marketing, while expanding your digital footprint(read mores...)
  • Top Of Google

    NOW to get to the top of Google, it takes “Social Proof,” and “Social Interaction.”Did I just hear somebody say, “Oh Crap?” It’s the NEW way to Advertise. No more SPAMMING, or Syndication, or Slapping Listings Up!(read mores...)
  • fthb

    FSBO and FTHB

    Has your Web Guy ever actually worked with a First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) – or a FSBO? We have decades of Boots on the Ground Real Estate experience, and we create content that “speaks” to your clients.(read mores...)